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What Canadian IP Group can offer?

  1. Assessment, evaluation and improvement strategic plan for educational institutions or specific program that will ensure that meeting the world class educational standard.
  2. Develop business plans and Strategies: The Company prospers by achieving strategy that is implemented as a result of continuous planning and decision-making at all levels of the business.
  3. Recruiting International Staff: Canadian IP group is specialized in HR recruiting and will strive to provide the best Canadian and local expertise.
  4. Establish new partnership relations with high Canadian institutions: CIP group will build on its previous success in ESL, Business administrations, Computer Tech, Management, HR management, and acquires accreditation from recognized Canadian institutions.
  5. Design the courses curriculum: CIP group in cooperation with the Canadian institutions will designed a curriculum that suites the needs of the Saudi educational market.
  6. Providing professional development training for teachers and schools administrators.
  7. Establish schools based on a Canadian system that is worldwide recognized.
  8. Renovate existing school system into Canadian education system.
  9. CIPG is distinctively situated to provide Professional Development Training services to international clients through our widespread network of Canadian and international training partners.
  10. Program monitoring, performance and results assessment.
  11. Provide student services for foreign student seeking study English as second language in Canada, including ESL school’s acceptance letter / letter of admission, accommodation assistance and others services.
  12. Registration on ESL summer course in Canada for individual or groups.