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Our Services

As a firm with unique capabilities in education and human resource development services, CIPG offers the following services and benefits to our Gulf clients:

  1. A recognized Canadian name affiliated with Canadian universities and colleges that will promote the image and branding of the Gulf educational institution;
  2. Teacher and educator recruitment for employment opportunities in the Gulf;
  3. Familiarity with Canadian university academic and ESL curricula: we are able to harmonize the needs of Gulf institutions with the desired curricula and/or academic programs;
  4. Basic language and cultural acclimatization training for Canadian educators working the Gulf;
  5. Teacher training programs that ensure qualified teachers are adequately prepared to teach the curriculum;
  6. Human resources management: CIPG manages the contracts between Gulf institutions and Canadian teachers and educators, removing this burden from our Gulf partners;
  7. Assistance to international students when applying to Canadian universities and colleges.
  8. Assistance to international students when applying to Canadian ESL programs.
  9. Administrative support that includes visa and immigration consultancy services in Canada and the Gulf (for visas and study/work permits).
  10. Assessment, evaluation and improvement strategic plan for educational institutions or specific program that will ensure that meeting the world class educational standard.