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The Canadian International Professional Group (CIPG) is a leading Canadian firm specializing in education and human resources development services in the Middle East. Our mission is to transfer the knowledge, technologies, teaching and learning methodologies from internationally recognized universities and colleges in Canada to educational institutions primarily situated in the Gulf State; and in the other hand to provide a unique student service for student seeking to start or improve their English language knowledge for various reasons such as for academic purposes, specific field, work or general purposes.

CIPG is able to meet the growing demands of the knowledge economies in the Middle East by developing and maintaining key partnerships with stakeholders in government, academia , business and individual client.

With practitioners and consultants in the fields of education, public policy and immigration, CIPG is uniquely qualified to facilitate the cross-border transfer of students, educators, curricula, and academic infrastructure. CIPG’s experience in human resources management – both in Canada and the Middle East – enables a highly effective harmonization between rapidly expanding educational institutions in the Gulf with the latest technologies and resources from Canadian institutions and ESL schools.